A Tribute to James Jenkins – The Man, The Artist

With a heavy heart we share the loss of a great man and great artist, James Jenkins. James passed away unexpectedly on April 1, 2020 and has left a great void in the lives of family and friends. We send our deepest condolences and heartfelt sympathy to all of you.

James always said hello to all he saw out and about and had a smile for everyone. His creative mind was outstanding. He will be missed by many.

Below are pictures of artwork created by James and links to articles about him and his voice in the world of art.




Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you as you go through this emotional journey.

The Mileurs

Combined Opening Reception CAC/CIAO

This year over 50 artists exhibit together in the CAC/CIAO Exhibition. Last night was the Combined Opening Reception held on the 2nd Floor at the Contemporary Art Center in the Preston Jackson Gallery! On the 3rd floor Janis Mars Wunderlich has her remarkable work on exhibit. The crowd was smaller than normal but all artists celebrated the collaboration of work on display through the month of April.

The room was filled with excitement as we walked through viewing the workd of art on display. Family, friends and artists visiting and sharing in the marvel of more than 50 artists coming together in one elaborate exhibit.

Live music performed by John Miller and Preston Jackson filled the room.

Many genres of art are on display in the gallery. Our group mingled and shared each other’s work, each artist supporting the next. A positive environment filled with energy. We were able to view current works of Preston Jackson which is always a thrill. Three of us crossed the threshold together into his space, his working studio. One stated, “This is where the magic happens, feel the energy.”

Back to the gallery we wandered in small groups through the exhibit sharing our thoughts and feelings regarding the artwork. A unique moment each time we are together. The community comes to share in the moment which adds yet another layer of excitement and conversation. We are all thankful for this gift, our work being shared with our world. Each wall is covered in works of art.

Janis Mars Wonderlich is remarkable, her work is innovative and fantastic for lack of a better word. We had the opportunity to listen to Janis speak of her work, thoughts and emotions behind each piece and to experience her elaborate exhibit!

Contemporary Art Center is open to the public and welcomes the community to share in the love of art! Come see what CAC/CIAO and Janis Mars Wunderlich have on display through the month of April.

Until next time, keep creating and working toward your dreams. Dreams really do come true. We are living ours.


The Mileurs

The Business of Art

Arts Partners and America’s SBDC Illinois hosted The Business of Art on February 8, 2020. The roster of speakers and instructors was outstanding! We entered Bradley University with a sense of excitement and eagerness to learn how to turn our passion into our career. The number of attendees was remarkable.

Each of us checked in, received our badge, a goodie bag and went through the doors to embrace where we are in our dream. tables were set up for each of us to learn a little more about SBDC, IAL, Children’s Theater, The Peoria Art Guild., The Nest, CAC and more. We networked and shared our goals and status with those surrounding us in the main room. It was comforting to see familiar faces and to meet new. Here we are sharing a moment of “oneness”. Oneness is greater than what we think we are. It is amazing to share a moment with a group of like minded individuals working toward a common goal.

This year marked the fifth year of the convention and we all look forward to attending next year. The sessions were informative and relaxed. We were able to choose from a list of sessions and attend three. Personally, I wanted to attend all the sessions.

Dick Blick sponsored our lunch which was lovely. We all networked while we shared a meal. We friended each other on social media and clicked follow. The best thing we can do for each other is support each other, share each other’s posts, and be present. A wickedly fabulous learning day for all of us.

At the end of the day the speakers drew names and awarded prizes. We began the day putting our name in a bucket basically and names were drawn at the end of the sessions. Our large group came together one last time to mingle, network and share where we are on our path. Many thanks to the organizers, contributors, supporters, instructors, speakers and attendees.

Until next time, keep creating and working toward your goals.


The Mileurs