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Standing Ovation for Peoria Symphony Orchestra 1/20/20 – The Music of John Williams

January 20, 2020 Peoria Symphony Orchestra with Music Director George Stelluto. A Matinee to remember – The Music of John Williams. The PSO once again provides a fantastic orchestration adventure. George leads with energy that fills the hall as the orchestra plays songs that have touched the lives of many if not all. John Williams is a brilliant composer that brings movies to life trough incredible scores and motifs related to characters on film.

The audience enjoyed a history of John Williams work over the years. He has scored over 100 films including Star Wars, Harry Potter, E.T and Indiana Jones to name a few. His career has spanned over 65 years. “He was known especially for his lush symphonic style, which helped bring symphonic film scores back into vogue after synthesizers had started to become the norm.” per Encyclopaedia Britannica

Cosplay met us in the lobby as we entered awaiting the matinee. The costumes were both amazing and stunning. It was quite a surprise and added yet another level of excitement to the afternoon. Many entering the lobby paused to meet the Cosplay characters and pose for pictures. We were two of those many!

We waited with anticipation for the hall to open for seating. The music held us at the edge of our seats, made us smile and surrounded us with the magic of John Williams’ life’s work. Amazing. The matinee opened with “The Cowboys Overture” and moved to “Adventures on Earth” E.T. a love song with emotion. “Star Wars” and “Star Wars Saga” followed and brought to the forefronts memories of scenes from these extraordinary movies.

Director Stelluto educated and guided through each section of music. He gave us a brief biography of the composer and shared little known facts. Each piece conducted with the energy with which he began. “The Adventures of Indiana Jones” took us on an adventure of discovery, as did the films. We ended with “Harry Potter” and the crowd stood in applause. The final standing ovation seemed to last for several minute and George continued to prod us forward and keep the applause going. as long as possible.

Peoria Symphony Orchestra continues to engage, thrill and envelope us in the music. Thank you to everyone involved that keep the Peoria Symphony Orchestra going and growing. A big Congratulations on 122 years, may you continue for at least 100 more!

Until next time, keep creating and working towards your dreams.


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