Heather Ranae’s Art

Heather Ranae Mileur a multi media artist. Heather is inspired by nature and the journey through life. She creates fiber art, jewelry and sculpture. Heather and her husband Kevin also travel together to capture nature shots.

Boho Family – Original patterns created by Heather Ranae. Hand crocheted bags, handstitched satin liner and strap with decorative stitch.

Fingerless Gloves/Arm Warmers – Original patterns by Heather Ranae.
All finglerless gloves/arm warmers, great for cold weather and texting. One size fits most. $25.00 plus tax (shipping and handling included in price).

Necklaces – $20-$35


Bracelets – Original designs by Heather Ranae. Each bracelet $15.00 plus tax (shipping and handling included in price).

Earrings – Polymer clay earrings designed by Heather Ranae. $12.50 plus tax (shipping and handling included in price).


Buttons – Hand sculpted buttons, original creations by Heather Ranae. Sold in sets of 4 for $10.00 plus tax, shipping and handling.

Clay Reliefs

First low-mid rise relief created with water based clay under the guidance of Preston Jackson. It was an honor to learn from Preston during our 16 week figurative sculpting class.