Happy Mileurs Gallery

Creations by Kevin Photography


Flowers – Kevin truly captures the beauty of the world around him.

Big Birds – A favorite of ours to capture in the moment. The beauty of these big birds is breathtaking. There are moments we do not capture on camera but rather enjoy watching the birds in all their glory.

Nature Shots of Birds and Plants

The Moon – Kevin has captured the romantic glow of the moon.

The Eclipse – Kevin’s first shoot of the eclipse, taken in his parents yard in Murphysboro, Illinois where “X” marked the spot for this eclipse. He truly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about how to capture the perfect image.

Landscapes and Barns – From rural to city, Kevin photographs things and places that spark his interest.

Heather Ranae’s Art


Fingerless Gloves/Arm Warmers – Created from original patterns by Heather Ranae. Each pair is a little different.
The “Boho” Family – The “Boho” is worked in the round, has a flap with fringe and the larger bags have two inner pockets. Each bag is an original pattern created by Heather Ranae using Lions Brand Yarn and lined in satin. The liners are sewn on the sewing machine and hand stitched into each bag. The straps are lined in satin as well. Each bag is named after a family member from my husband’s and my family.
“Victoria” – Our Small Boho

Drawstring Bags




Buttons – created with polymer clay, hand formed


Photography by Heather Ranae

Kevin and Heather – Collaborative Works – One Inspiring the Other