The Business of Art

Arts Partners and America’s SBDC Illinois hosted The Business of Art on February 8, 2020. The roster of speakers and instructors was outstanding! We entered Bradley University with a sense of excitement and eagerness to learn how to turn our passion into our career. The number of attendees was remarkable.

Each of us checked in, received our badge, a goodie bag and went through the doors to embrace where we are in our dream. tables were set up for each of us to learn a little more about SBDC, IAL, Children’s Theater, The Peoria Art Guild., The Nest, CAC and more. We networked and shared our goals and status with those surrounding us in the main room. It was comforting to see familiar faces and to meet new. Here we are sharing a moment of “oneness”. Oneness is greater than what we think we are. It is amazing to share a moment with a group of like minded individuals working toward a common goal.

This year marked the fifth year of the convention and we all look forward to attending next year. The sessions were informative and relaxed. We were able to choose from a list of sessions and attend three. Personally, I wanted to attend all the sessions.

Dick Blick sponsored our lunch which was lovely. We all networked while we shared a meal. We friended each other on social media and clicked follow. The best thing we can do for each other is support each other, share each other’s posts, and be present. A wickedly fabulous learning day for all of us.

At the end of the day the speakers drew names and awarded prizes. We began the day putting our name in a bucket basically and names were drawn at the end of the sessions. Our large group came together one last time to mingle, network and share where we are on our path. Many thanks to the organizers, contributors, supporters, instructors, speakers and attendees.

Until next time, keep creating and working toward your goals.


The Mileurs

First Friday Fun

First Friday was fabulous! We met several new artists and the conversations were titillating, thank you too all that made our night a truly wonderful evening. Our journey began at North Art Studios where we met Sherri Burnett and experienced her beautiful paintings. She shared with us her love of art and that she loves how artists share experiences and information with each other. We visited Ruth Inman and she told us the story of her sunflowers painted on her garage wall. By the way, her sunflowers are incredible! Our last stop at North Art Studios was to Pumpkin Glass a beading paradise. They offer classes, have a spectacular inventory of beads and stones and are very friendly and helpful.

We then met my sister at Studios on Sheridan and visited with the artists and Steve Rouland. The music was perfect for the evening, the wine chilled and the gallery full of art lovers. We always enjoy visiting the Studios and the artists. It is a special place for Kevin and I, where we met, fell in love and celebrated our wedding reception.

CAC was full of familiar faces and fabulous art. The first spot where I learned relief and figurative sculpture under the guidance of Preston Jackson. Nikki Freeman Griner gifted me with my first Guest Artist spot in her studio. So may fond memories in these studios and galleries. The artists were welcoming as always and we were able to visit with Richard, Tanya and Kagan for several minutes before moving to out last stop of the evening.

Our last stop has now become a First Friday tradition…Casa de Arte. The environment is sublime, the artwork spectacular like the staff, food and drinks. We enjoy meeting the artists on exhibit, viewing their work and an adult beverage with our food. Shaun V Photography was in the house with her beautiful photography. She is very sweet and talented. Never disappointed and always ready to come back again and enjoy the life of the establishment. Thank you for making your stop a tradition where we like to stay awhile to share time with friends and family.

We hope you have enjoyed our First Friday experience. Until next time, keep creating and working towards your dreams.


The Mileurs

Celebrating One Year!

We are excited to celebrate our one year anniversary as the Happy Mileurs! Our passion project has been an amazing journey and it is only beginning. Thank you from our hearts to all of our readers, artists that have shared their story and their work, all those that support us and for such a fabulous first year! Kevin and I are thankful for all of you!

This first year has been filled with fantastic art, remarkable artists, exciting events and stellar exhibits. We cannot wait to see what this new year for Happy Mileurs holds. Privileged to live in a community full of amazing art and artists. Thank you again for all of your confidence in us and your support! You are all incredible!

Until next time, keep creating and working toward your dreams.


The Mileurs

22 VA – 22 Veteran Artists

“22 VA is a group of talented Veteran Artists that want to help other Veterans express themselves through visual and creative arts. 22 VA stands for 22 Veteran Artists who have come together in an effort to help reduce the number of Veteran suicides. Veteran suicide claims the lives of 22 veterans a day. This equates to around 30 suicides per 100,000 veterans, a rate that is more than double the rate for the civilian population. ” – 22 VA on

Were you aware we lose 22 Veterans per day to suicide? This is not counting those killed in accidents. 22 VA brings together Veteran Artists, each work of art tells a story and helps Veterans to heal from the trauma of War. Veterans have given all to fight for our Freedom, to defend their country and to preserve our way of life. We may not know the name or the face but the Soldiers are our Soldiers, our Veterans. Our family has lost two family members and two close friends to suicide.

Our hope is to raise awareness to this noble group and support all involved. Future exhibits are underway as we speak, please come and see what 22 VA has to share. View the remarkable art each artist brings. Learn more about 22 VA and support them on their journey. We will be following 22 VA on their journey, we hope you will also.

Until next time, keep creating and working toward your dreams.


The Mileurs

Saturday Wander

The Peoria Riverfront Museum hosted the Winter Riverfront Market. It was good to be out and see the vendors and artists. A nice crowd was present to take in the fresh produce, jewelry and artwork. We appreciate all involved to make this market such a great experience. As we wandered through two levels of vendors and artists, we saw many familiar faces and felt a sense of comfort as we shopped and visited.

VA22 Exhibit at the Peoria Public Library – Main

Kevin and I entered the exhibit and found ourselves lost in the artwork. The experience brought tears to our eyes and moved us emotionally and mentally. We had the pleasure of meeting Randolph Prunty, he shared stories behind pieces in the exhibit, including his own artwork. He added depth and a deeper meaning to the works. His wife was a joy to meet and learn from as well. It was good to meet them both and learn more about the artists, the organization and the work. Definitely an exhibit worth experiencing and learning about the artists and the created artwork. Watch your events page for more exhibits in the future.