Celebrating One Year!

We are excited to celebrate our one year anniversary as the Happy Mileurs! Our passion project has been an amazing journey and it is only beginning. Thank you from our hearts to all of our readers, artists that have shared their story and their work, all those that support us and for such a fabulous first year! Kevin and I are thankful for all of you!

This first year has been filled with fantastic art, remarkable artists, exciting events and stellar exhibits. We cannot wait to see what this new year for Happy Mileurs holds. Privileged to live in a community full of amazing art and artists. Thank you again for all of your confidence in us and your support! You are all incredible!

Until next time, keep creating and working toward your dreams.


The Mileurs

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  1. Oh, my! You have both made such a difference in my life! Thank you for sharing my art with others and continuing to be the best in love and creative ventures. The piece at the opening of the is “The Garden Party.” It’s an encaustic with color pencil monotype I created initially in my lessons with the fabulous Elizabeth Davis. Thank you!

    Duffy Armstrong Farrell.

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