Female Identified Artists Part 3

We are continuing our celebration of Women Artists, we are highlighting these artists for the month of November into December. We have highlighted events experienced with a few of the artists and now a compiled list of each artist, genre and website.

Jodi Pshebelski multi-media artist. Jodi creates are in miniature and in large format. Her drawings are fantastic as his her personality. Look for her on Facebook.

Julie Dodge is a photographer and her studio is located at Studios on Sheridan. She captures unique shots of nature and structure. View her work, her passion in capturing the ordinary and making it extraordinary, today at https://juliedodgephotography.squarespace.com/.

Debra Johnston is a multi-media artist from Peoria, Illinois. She is a fantastic sculptor and a joy to learn and create side-by-side with her.

Michelle Gulatto artist and artist event organizer of Peoria, Illinois. Michelle does a lot for local artists including establishing, organizing and setting up events. She is also a very talented painter.

Jaci Musec artist of Captured and Reclaimed located at North Art Studios is a joy. Her creations go from paintings to cards to wearable art and more. She has an excellent line of jewelry also. Find her on Facebook at Art by Jaci Musec.

Shannon Cox, Director of the Peoria Art Guild. IN the past year, Shannon has worked miracles, opened doors which have led to more artist opportunities and is continuing to build the Peoria Art Guild. Thank you Shannon for all your work and support of the arts and community! http://www.peoriaartguild.org

Merrill Hickey is a bead artist and creative mind. Her work is outstanding and fantastic! She creates depth, fun, “steampunk” and innovation works with beads. Find her on Facebook.

Judith-Koren Shanahan is Atelier 5835. Her work is surreal, has depth and evokes thought. Judith is a remarkable artist and individual. View her artwork at judithkorenshanahan.com.

Cari Lepper is a unique artist in Peoria, Illinois. Her encaustic work is colorful, vibrant and lovely. Her technique is fabulous and her panels and small pieces bring life to a room.

Kristan McKinsey manages the Illinois Women Artists Project. Kristan supports the arts, empowers female artists and shares her vast knowledge. She is an impressive speaker and dedicated to her passion of the arts. Find Illinois Women Artists Project on Facebook.

Sally Zell is a mulimedia artist, stylist and owner at Sally Zell Services. Sally has incredible artistic talent in sculpting and painting with detail and emotion. She offers a guest artist spot at her salon each month. Find her on Facebook.

Lizz Austin Barnes of Gottagettadeal/Ear in the Envelope is a spectacular silversmith, jeweler and art therapy instructor. Her designs are both dynamic and unique. Check out her work at Gottagettadeal/ Ear in the Envelope on Facebook.

Until next time, keep creating and working towards your dreams.


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