Art Therapy at Ear in the Envelope

Wednesday night I was given the opportunity to experience Art Therapy at Ear in the Envelope led by Lizz Austin Barnes. Lizz is amazing and the class was sublime.

Our class consisted of four students led by Lizz on sketching and lastly painting. It was a relaxed and safe environment. She guided us on our activities as we sketched and let go of the stresses we carry. Personally, I could feel my stress leave my body while I sketched.

It was quite wonderful sitting together drawing, talking and laughing. We had moments of comfortable silence as we became enveloped in our art. Once each piece was completed we discussed our drawings, if we were comfortable. We were all comfortable talking about the meaning of our sketches.

Lastly, we each painted a canvas, anything our heart desired. Our class supported each other while appreciating the differences and similarities in our completed masterpiece. Lizz took a picture of all of us together at the end of the evening. Time well spent! We look forward to our next chapter of Art Therapy at the Ear in the Envelope with Lizz Austin Barnes.

If you’re not familiar with Ear in the Envelope check out and watch for event posts on Facebook.

Until next time keep creating and dreaming. Dreams do come true.


The Mileurs

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