We want to recognize everyone in the world of art here in our community. Thank you for sharing your passion with us and allowing us the privelege to experience your artwork. Next month is National Women Artists Month and we will be highlighting female artists throughout the month of November. Our hats off to all of you!

Doug and Eileen Leunig thank you for your support of the art community. “Big Picture Film Festival” was amazing and brought the community together. You two are selfless in your work to promote artists and art. We all appreciate you greatly and are proud to know you. Your love for each other and those around you shines. Thank you.

Alecia Collins your play about your life “Don’t Judge Me I’m Only Human” was amazing. My sister, a friend and I attended your play and we were involved and felt many emotions during your performance. You have come a long way and are brave to share your story. Thank you for allowing us to see your journey on stage. You are blessed to know your purpose through your relationship with God. We look forward to what you will do next.

Peoria Public Library contains a bright and lovely gallery on Lower Level 1. The artwork this month is composed of several unique artists of different genres. We found the work both intriguing and brilliant. It is a gift to be able to visit and experience the work in a quiet space. I found myself lost in several pieces wondering about the artists inspiration and technique. Thank you Alexander Martin for the invitation to such a unique exhibit.

Tuesday night “Jazz Night” at Broken Tree is always a hit. We thoroughly enjoyed the live music and the beverages. The group is like family. We enjoy seeing everyone, visiting and listening to the music. Thank you to everyone for a night full of life, laughter and sounds that give you goosebumps.

Next month we will share Women Artists from the Peoria Area in celebration of National Women Artist Month.

Until next time keep creating and dreaming.


The Mileurs

First Friday

Another wonderful 1st Friday in Peoria. We had a great time last night for 1st Friday, the weather was wonderful to be out in. We started at The Contemporary Art Center, to visit with old friends, got to meet up with Ricky Traughber, Cyndi Merrill and William Butler, what a fun place, so many talented artist, then down to hear beautiful music on the second floor.

Then we were off to the Peoria Art Guild, what an amazing place, there were several artist doing live work. We visited with Kagan Masters, and watched her create a beautiful piece using coffee, looks good and smells good to this old coffee drinker, glad she only uses instant and decaf coffee for her work . Also visited with Quinton Thomas and watched him work, a very talented young man. The Peoria Art Guild always makes for a great stop, The people are so friendly and the art work is astounding.

Our next stop on our 1st Friday tour was to Casa De Arte, all i can say about this place is Wow, the place was packed when we arrived and stayed that way all evening, The staff were busy serving food and drinks, and we had the pleasure of meeting a very talented artist, Andre Petty, first time we have seen his work and we were impressed. He will be on display for the month, so please make the trip down and view his work, and try out the food at Casa De Arte. They are pretty new on the scene but they are doing it right.

Our last stop for the evening was at my old stomping grounds, The Studios on Sheridan at the Sunbeam building, Art Pop was the feature this month and oh what a collection of truly beautiful work. So many Talented artist, Tanya Flesburg Bayer, Natalie Jackson O’Neal, Connie Andrews, Merrel Hickey were just a few on display, Thank you Mae Gilliland Wright for bringing this together. We got to visit with Steve Rouland and Michelle Steffen-Rouland owners of Escape 60, they are expanding their operations to have 5 escape rooms open, if you haven’t tried them, you should they are a lot of fun. Got to visit with Jon and Angie Walker of Urban Artifacts, and my friend Gina Ford-McCoy, and then popped over to Restorations and visited with Lori Mabee and the staff. 9 pm came to soon and things were winding down, so we are off. I am glad that we live in an area with so many talents artist that share their work with us. Please support out talented local artist, Thank you for all of the venues who support and promote art. Till next month, take a chance and go visit some of the art that’s on display
and we will get ready to see what wondrous art will be on display in November.

Until next time enjoy the journey and keep creating.


The Mileurs