The Art of the Pond and Pasture

Imagine driving on a long curvy country road. Trees guiding the way, tall and reaching toward the sky. The sun shining brightly between the branches highlighting leaves and birds in the trees.

Meandering along we spy small bodies of water and animals scurrying from one spot to another. Soon we are surrounded by fields of crops on either side of us. We turn onto the long gravel drive we know so well.

On one side a pond, on the other the pasture. The pond is alive with insects and life. We can hear the choir of frogs in the distance, the buzzing of insects and spot dragonflies. The dragonflies are flittering and fluttering from pillar to post all around the pond.

We walk along the dock and hear the sound of a fish swatting it’s fin on the water. A turtle across the way is sliding in to cool in the water. My mind goes back to my youth and my love of water. I find myself wishing I could dive in and let the water cover me as I swim and float in it’s cool embrace.

The two of us sit together on the dock listening to the world around us and the insects and frogs provide nature’s music. The day is warm and the sun is shining upon us while we relax to the sounds.

We decide after awhile to make our way to the pasture. Standing at the edge you see the treeline of the property. An eagle flying overhead. A chipmunk scurrying through the grass. Free range chickens walking and bobbing to eat on the run.

One post has a dragonfly that is still and posed. He remains still even as I approach and photograph him standing in place. We are amazed he doesn’t fly off. He remains for several minutes and I admit I take advantage of his time photographing his pose.

We feel our stress of day to day melt away as we wander in the pasture. The only sounds are birds and insectsGreen grass, the smell of flowers blooming and the chorus of nature envelope us on our journey. A masterpiece that touches our soul.

Road trips in summer to destinations we enjoy. At times we just drive and take in the sights along our trek. Still other times we have a destination and enjoy how it changes each time we stop. Art surrounds us each day from how we view things to what we view.

We hope you enjoyed our journey. Until next time take care and keep creating.


The Mileurs

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