The Art of Learning a New Technique

Life and art are ever changing. We learn new techniques to challenge ourselves and to explore new avenues. As humans, we also learn techniques to deal with the changes in our lives. Learning is continuous and necessary for growth. I decided recently to learn bead embroidery. For as long as I can remember, I have loved embroidery. My grandma had embroidered pillow cases and I loved to feel the stitches. I remember watching her embroider quilt squares and faces on dolls. The time and love that went into each stitch was endearing. My goal is to embroider with beads and give the same love and attention as Grandma did to cloth.

Research on the topic was completed on Pinterest, Google and books on embroidery and beading. The images I found were amazing and some breathtaking. The artwork of Merrill Hickey has also inspired me on my journey. Her work is fantastic! I gathered beads, embroidery floss, stones, felt and crystals. My first brooch created was an insect. I used metallic thread, stones, crystals and beads. Paper and pencil were used to create my template to trace onto the felt. It was exciting and new teaching myself how to piece it all together. The finished product turned out close to the way I thought it would. The knowledge I took away was smaller beads and tighter stitches.

My love of dragonflies beckoned me to create more insect brooches. Each brooch is a little different and the stitching is tighter than on my first brooch.

Front and back are cut out of felt. Sample of future dragonfly, stones and beads.

Completed dragonflies.

Current Work.

Thank you for sharing your time with us and we hope you enjoyed our new technique. If you are interested in a copy of the template or guide to create please contact us at

Until next time take care and keep creating!


The Mileurs

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