The Art of Photography

This week I am writing about an area of art that I am most familiar with, The art of photography. As with all art, there is many forms in the art of photography. My experience with photography stated at a young age, watching my mother taking pictures of all of our adventures in life and watching the photo albums grow over the years with pictures of our vacations and holidays. We were always excited to see mom putting the film in the mail to be developed and waiting for two weeks to see what came back, very few people had access to darkrooms to develop their own. You spent a lot of time trying to make sure you did all you could on camera to make a good picture, and hope that when you did get the prints back they were good. Times have changed and now we have digital cameras and instant access to see if the picture we take is good or bad.

I started on 35mm film back in my day, where you bought a roll of 12 or 24 exposure film, and you worked hard to get things right the first time. You wanted to ensure that you had all the setting done properly and worked to get the right picture. Then once you shot your 12 exposures you sent them off to be developed. waiting two weeks to receive your prints to find out if you did it right, or did you just waste a little more money to throw in the trash. I never had access to a dark room, so my best friend was my notebook, where I logged down what ISO i was using, what was the film speed, what F-stop did I use and what was my shutter speed, keeping a log of what you did to compare to the prints you got in return, it was a hard learning curve. In doing this I learned a lot about the art of photography. The art of photography to me is capturing a moment in life, using the light and shadows to make a photograph come to life. A great photograph can be made of the simplest object, but by using the camera to its fullest and looking at things differently than others, you can make a great piece of art. Years ago I was exploring and shooting at my brothers farm, when I came in to look at what I had shot on the computer, my sister-in-law, saw one, and said it was beautiful and where did I find that photograph. I told her it was at the end of her driveway, and she drove by it everyday for several years without noticing it. In my way of looking at life, I see things differently than a lot of people. A good photographer looks at things, then looks at the way the light works, then ask themselves how can I get the best shot, do you adjust the shutter speed, or open up the aperture.

When I switched to a digital camera, I retained the way I always took photographs, in which I look at the light, the background, the settings on the camera and try to take the right shot the first time. I never was able to figure out how to properly use photoshop, which I think is an art form unto itself, so i left photoshop to others to use. I always believed that God created the pictures, I just took them. I think that capturing the beauty in the world around us is an art form and I try my best to bring you the best I can.

I love going out with my cameras draped across my shoulders, I usually have a least two with me, sometimes I carry three. I set each camera up differently, so that i have the most options without having to change every setting for each picture. I enjoy being out in nature and seeing the beauty of the world around us, and then attending different functions to capture life in the city. With great photographers they see the beauty, the story, the life going on around us differently, than most people. Great photographers capture a moment of life and allows us to study and wonder about the life around us. In our fast pace lives, photography allows us to see the moments that we pass by, they force you to slow down and look and study and to understand the story behind the art.

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