The Art of Exploring

This weekend was the first 1st Friday, since 2015, that I haven’t worked at the Studios on Sheridan’s 1st Friday event, so we decided to start exploring other venues offered on 1st Fridays. I have always loved exploring new areas to see what beauty I can find. When I retired from the Federal Prison systems I set out with my cameras to find beauty where ever I could, I explored the back roads and country side to find things that would bring light, peace and beauty back into my life after close to 40 years of darkness and the ugly side of life. By exploring new areas I was able to find the beauty that I had missed out on. By exploring you can find many truly beautiful and wonderful things that you have missed in your life. Never stop exploring and looking for the beauty that life has to offer.

So on 1st Friday of June 2019 we explored, we started by going to Glazed and Confused out on Farmington Rd. to visit with Cyndi Merrill and Jeff, to watch them work their magic in clay. We entered their shop to find several visitors admiring their work. After they offered us drinks and snacks we watched them both turn to working. Cyndi was working a piece that she had already started and we watched as her hands worked their magic. Jeff started a new piece on the wheel and listened as he explained the process of what he was doing. It was neat watching these two artists turn out some beautiful pieces, it is a treat. So if you get the chance you need to visit these two artist and be inspired by what they do.

We were off to explore some more, our next stop was back to my old stomping grounds the Studios on Sheridan at the Sunbeam Building. I wanted to stop by to hear the awesome music provided by Random Strangers and to see the art work of Ken Hoffman on display. We strolled thru and visited the shops and met up with many old friends, Jon and Angie Walker, Steve and Michelle Rouland, and many more, watched the ladies at J. Draper Glass putting on a show for the crowd with their glass blowing talents, and visited with the different artists, Jaci, Beau Hart and others, but we didn’t stay long had more that we wanted to explore.

Now we head down to the river to visit CAC, on Water St. which was close to the truth with the flooding, but we went safely and stayed dry to the 3rd floor, to visit with the many talented artists who share space here. It is inspiring to see so much talent residing at CAC. We got to meet up with Duffy Armstrong as she was working on a new piece and enplaining her work to several admirers. I got to spend a few minutes with Kagen Masters who paints with coffee. I was shocked until she explained that she uses instant and decaf coffee only, which was a relief to me, I couldn’t imagine using my coffee that way. If you like you can smell her work. Then we ran into a long time friend Trish Williams, she is always a joy to talk with and shares some great hugs. She brings a light to a room with her smile and her clothes that she designs.

Time is running short for 1st Friday which ends at 9pm, so we are off again to explore a new venue, Casa de Arte, on Adams St. where Jessica Ball is having her exhibit for the month of June. We had a little trouble finding it at first, then realized we had passed it so around the block we go. I am glad we spotted it, being it is our first time to visit, we wasn’t sure what we were looking for. But we are so glad we did. Jessice Ball is a talented painter and lover of art, and this location is perfect for her. A large crowd is in attendance here for the drinks and tacos and the art. We had a great time, we met with several friends, Mike and Banu Hatfield, Tom Pries, Susie Flick and others. We enjoy visiting and discussing the many and varied forms of art we encounter in our lives and the people who share a passion for beauty and art in all its forms.

The night ended to soon for us, there are 17 exhibits listed for 1st Fridays, so we plan to continue exploring the many new venues over the next several months and meet with the artists and hopefully bring some of the beauty we see into your lives, till the next time, explore life and find the new adventures that await you.

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