The Art of Creating

The art of creating for me is sometimes a fickle creature. Most of my art is created from memories, generally of my children or childhood. I have nights I cannot sleep because my mind decides to come alive and inspired. Creativity is not a forced action but rather a relaxed state of sorting through ideas and ways to make them work.

Family and nature are my main sources of inspiration. I wonder what inspires other artists in creating such beautiful masterpieces. To me it is quite interesting to learn the thought process behind the creation.

I remember a couple of years ago I attended the opening ceremony for the Sculpture Walk here in Peoria. It was fascinating and a dream come true kind of a day. All the artists in attendance with their work, sharing technique and ideas. It was an honor to be there and to be a docent for the walk. The artists were so welcoming and passionate about their work. We enjoyed learning and being able to touch the art.

One artist in particular shared his creation was inspired by balloons he saw floating through the sky. Another shared his idea came to him while driving by walls of rock. Still another stated that he saw a plant growing and thought it should be in metal.

It is amazing to me how we all create and what we see as individuals. I may not see the same thing others do when looking at the same object or scenery. The feelings may be different, the visual may be altered. The beauty of art is how it makes us feel as individuals, the thoughts it provokes.

I will share a recent relief I created over the summer last year. My oldest son was injured at work and was in ICU for several days. He had to have his forehead and the orbit of his eye rebuilt. His vision in that eye is lost but we didn’t lose him. Always look to the positive. During this time we spent alot of time holding his hand and praying, tears running down our faces. Once he was out of surgery and moved to a new unit we felt relief. This moment brought me to my knees.

Several days after my son was released home I needed to create. I had to have a release from all these feelings I had stirring inside me. This time in life magnified nearly everything. Clay would be my release, my way of dealing with this moment and helping with healing.

My mind went to a mother on a hill with arms and hands reaching up to the heavens. The figure soon became an angel, for I know we had a strong angel by our side through this time. The doctor telling us had the hit been one inch lower we may not be discussing treatment but planning a funeral. My emotions went into the clay.

The finished piece is titled “Nature’s Child” a water based clay relief, glazed and set in epoxy resin.

Until next time, keep being inspired and keep creating.

God bless.

The Happy Mileurs

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