Artist Talk

It was an honor and a thrill to speak at the 4th Annual Tea Party in Alburnett, Iowa this weekend. The ladies came in dressed to the nines with fancy hats. We shared tea, snacks and conversation before my Artist Talk.

I discussed where I began and where I am now. It is humbling when you remember where you started and necessary so we do not forget the beginning. My table was set with a lovely lavender cloth covered in lace. Jewelry and tools set on display for our talk.

We had a wonderful time talking about art and that it is in my heart and feeds my soul. Several women asked questions during the talk. Several women came to the table after and we talked about the art they create. It was a great afternoon with these 24 women.

My heartfelt thank you to all who attended. I hope I was able to make you smile and inspire you to do what you love. Thank you for listening and giving me the opportunity to share my love of the arts with all of you!

Until next time. God Bless.

The Happy Mileurs