The Art of Living After Loss

Most of us have suffered a loss in life whether it be family, friend, mind, etc. Today is my mom’s birthday, she would have been 66 years old. Our family lost her on October 16, 2011 only three days after my dad’s birthday. Dad took care of Mom in their home until her last day. He mixed her medicine once she was unable and tended to her needs. My sister and I helped with the care but Dad did the majority. We were blessed with time to discuss regrets and triumphs before Mom was called Home. Our family, Mom’s siblings, came often to visit and were there at her passing.

My oldest son was hurt in July at work. He suffered a fractured skull and a loss of sight in his right eye. It was traumatic for all of us to see him so hurt and not be able to fix him. The doctor told us a 1/4″ lower hit he would have lost his eye, 1/2″ we would have lost him. Thank God his Guardian Angel was there and allowed him to survive and to thrive. He is now healed for the most part and was given a new outlook on life. We were all given a new outlook on life. A 28 year old man with a wife and two sons. His wife never left his side and his oldest son told us he could not turn four years old until his dad got home. His dad came home within a few days and Ben turned four on that day.

Loss shapes us as does triumph in this life. The bonds we build with loved ones and friends. We are given the gift of knowing others and loving them for who they are. Losing Mom took a long time to be able to think about her and not break. My son’s injury was a shock, but he is here and it brought us closer. The key is to keep living and remembering the good. I am sure most that have lost someone or feared the loss of someone they love have many good memories to think about and talk about to help with the healing.

Healing for my family is also through creating. We create moments and we create art. My work is inspired by memories of moments in my life , nature, and materials used to create that bring an image to mind. As we grow in this life through our losses and our triumphs our work grows with us and changes over time. Healing is different for everyone and takes a different length of time. The goal is we are able to continue living and growing. We are not afraid to branch out and broaden our minds. We try not to live in fear of what could happen but rather rejoice in the good we see, feel and experience. We come together in the good and the bad and build bonds to help us through and bring us joy and hope.

The art of living after loss is not an easy path in some cases. Faith is so very important in these times. We remember the good and work through the rest. The scars that are left behind change us and hopefully make us better. Our motto is to try to create something beautiful by releasing the hurt and living to our fullest.

God Bless and be safe!

The Happy Mileurs