Home is truly where the heart is. Kevin and I married May 20, 2018 and share our love of family and home. We travel to Southern Illinois to his parents home as often as possible. Our family greets us with hugs and I love you’s and we feel this love wash over us each time we step in the door. The house is full of family with his parents and siblings. A buzz of voices talking and laughter. Sounds of my childhood at my Grandma’s home when I was young. We spend the weekend sharing all that is going on in our lives and reminisce of days past. Sunday always comes too quickly and we have to say our tearful goodbyes for now.

Home with my Dad is usually a small group. Dad lives close and the door is always open. We visit and share meals and holidays. Other times we just pop in so we can see each other’s faces and get a big hug. He always has a hug and I love you when we come in. The calm of Dad’ s home envelopes us as we visit with each other. He and Kevin talk about life experiences and other things. Dad always watches us leave until we are out of his sight.

Home with my Auntie in Iowa is home away from home. We spend the weekend in their home in what I have dubbed my bedroom. Auntie and I crochet, talk patterns and share our thoughts. Kevin and Uncle join in and other times talk on their own. My cousins come and visit. Hugs and I loves you’s when we enter and when it is time for our tearful goodbyes for now.

Our home is always open to our family. Every Thursday we prepare dinner together and sit down to have a meal with our children and grandchildren. We look around the table and think of how quickly time has gone. The enjoyment we get visiting and playing is priceless.

Kevin and I share a powerful love of each other and our family. We love time spent with our loved ones. Our family fills us with love, pride, laughter, joy and food. You would not believe all the food.

We found in each other that we are home. He is home where I am and I am home where he is, we are home. Home is the place you are able to be you and you are loved for every bit of you. Our bond is that love of our world full of those we love and the beauty that surrounds us.

Happy Mileurs was born out of that love. The love of my husband and his gift to photograph the most beautiful moments. Some of these moments you may not notice. They may be in the blink of an eye or hidden. Kevin sees these moments and captures them to share with others. I wanted a place for his beautiful work to be shared with the world. We found along the way, many want to be a part of this and out of our love of art, the world where we met and fell in love, Happy Mileurs was born.

No matter how busy life is, remember home. The Happy place you go where love washes over you, people are glad to see you and it is hard to leave. Home may be with friends or your significant other or a place you like to go. Home is different for everyone. I hope you all have a ‘home’ a place you find love, peace, laughter and joy.

God bless.

The Happy Mileurs

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