The Art of Sisterhood – Mom and Her Sisters

We traveled home to my Auntie’s this weekend and enjoyed an afternoon visiting and sharing a meal. On our way home we drove past my Grandma’s house and my head filled with memories of childhood and adulthood spent in her home. Grandma had seven children, two boys and five girls. My Mom and her sisters had a bond that was unbreakable. It was amazing seeing them all together as close they were. They were best friends.

I remembered the kitchen wall and it’s many layers of wallpaper. It may seem strange all the memories of my childhood coming down to a wall. But, this was not just any wall this was our own wailing wall. Growing up we knew when one of the sisters was having a difficult time in life because a special trip was made to Grandma’s and wallpaper was purchased. All of us children went in the front room while the sisters set to task on the wall.

Grandma would turn on the record player and Nat King Cole would carry through the house. The sisters would make daiquiri’s and discuss the current situation. As they discussed, they changed the wallpaper on the wall. It was as if that wall took all their pain and hardship at the time and helped heal the wound. Grandma would come in and check on us kids and dance with us to the music. She loved Nat King Cole and said his voice was that of an angel. We strung beads and buttons, talked and colored in coloring books while the sisters worked together through life. You know there was a time the girls decided to see just how many layers were on that wall, it was at least ten if I remember correctly.

I cannot count on one hand the number of times the sisters spent the afternoon sipping iced tea and playing canasta. My sister and I were able to sit in and play once we were old enough and we were given a clothes pin to hold our cards. We loved being a part of it all. Holidays and anniversaries with the girls in the kitchen and the men in the living room. Weekends spent with everyone and walking around town. Sitting in the back room listening to Mom, Grandma and my Aunties talking. Somehow, they all spoke at once, all stopped at once, answered or responded to each other then began the cycle again. I can still hear the buzz of their voices while they conversed and shared their thoughts.

Mom and her sisters went on vacations together on their own and vacations with their mom. They loved treating their mom to time away and it being just the girls. The sisters shared their lives, hearts, secrets, triumphs, heartaches and regrets. I remember thinking how strong they all were together and the strength they drew from that bond and that love. Mom and her sisters stood by each other through everything. We all learned the importance of family and the strength of family. My first friends were my cousins, we lived in each other’s back pockets. This was a gift from our mom’s who spent so much time with each other and truly embraced sisterhood. The art of sisterhood is inspiring and amazing!

The Art of Love

Today my youngest and I had the pleasure of attending a baby shower for a family member. The tables were set up sweetly with pink and white. The food was scrumptious. We could feel the excitement of the upcoming birth. Our new mom looking radiant and her baby bump evident. She glows!

A baby brings peace and hope, the love is boundless. Sitting there today it took me back four and a half years ago when my first grandchild was born. The anticipation was incredible! We were so excited, we could not wait to hold the new baby. I remember going to a sonogram with my daughter-in-law and seeing my grandson for the first time. We swear to this day he gave us a thumbs up.

I remember when we got the call and rushed to the hospital. My sister beat us there and was in with Emily. Emily, my daughter-in-law is a warrior. She welcomed us in and spoke with us through her contractions. We stood bedside admiring how well she was handling her first time in childbirth. My son was a little sad his Grandma and Great Grandma could not be there for the birth, both were in Heaven. I told my son they have already held him and seen him, when he is born he will have a dimple on his chin where they kissed him before he was sent to us.

Martin, my son, was in the room all through labor waiting for his son to be born. My best friend and I in the waiting room. We waited for what felt like an eternity, but truly it was only six hours. I can still hear the sound of my son’s footsteps as he walked to the waiting room. I stood and waited by the doorway for him. My friend asked how I knew it was him. I said, “I have listened to my son’s footsteps since his first step.”. His face when he saw me, we both cried as he announced, “Mom, I have a son! Are you ready to meet your grandson?”. I walked in the room and there he was a dimple on his chin, the most perfect baby boy. He was ten minutes old when I held him for the first time.

There is something about loving someone more than you love yourself. Our children and our grandchildren bring out that love, that mama bear in us, that limitless love. We do our best to raise our children with the knowledge we have at the time. We may not be perfect but we do the best we can with the tools we have. Grandchildren are a little different, we have already raised our children and have more knowledge. We do not have the stresses of working to keep a roof over their head, food in their bellies, clothes on their backs or of raising them and hoping you did it right. I do know nothing else matters if you do not do well in raising your children. To me, it is the most important part of my world.

Grandchildren and time with them is a gift the same as your own children. I love time with my children and grandchildren. It is amazing watching them grow. the boundless and limitless love we have for our children. The best part is when your children and grandchildren know you really do love them to the moon and back again.

The art of love and forgiveness. The art of doing our best for those we love. The art of life. Art is truly around us in so many facets. I guess you could say it is how you view things in life. Congratulations to our loved one and a new baby soon to arrive. I cannot wait to hear the footsteps and hold the new baby. Much love to all of you and may your days be full of love and blessings.

Until next time.

The Happy Mileurs

Tomorrow Happy Mileurs Turns One Month Old!

It is hard to believe our infant company turns one month old tomorrow! This month has gone by rather quickly. We have learned a lot in this time and continue to learn and grow. Kevin and I have learned we cannot do everything in one to two days a week, it is everyday working to grow our company. We are also learning how to better manage time for family, home, raising a teenager, full-time occupations, creating and managing our new business.

Starting a business is a leap of faith. We are glad to take this leap together and look forward to our growth and our business flourishing. Our Etsy shop is up and running and we enjoy seeing the number of visitors we have each day. Over the next few months, we will invite artists to showcase and sell their art on our site and in our Etsy shop. We will also introduce more artists in “The Spotlight” at Happy Mileurs, a place for artists to tell their stories and share their work.

Our small business has given us the ability to share our artwork and to offer a place for local artists to share their artwork. Kevin and I found early on in our relationship we have the same big dream. A place for artists to share stories, artwork, techniques and to have the ability to collaborate together to create. We hope to have an old barn someday with a gallery, coffee and studios for artists to have this option. I am sure those that know us are not surprised we would like to have coffee on the premises.

For now, we are working toward building our online world with artists’ stories, artwork, blogs, photos, news, announcements and events. We want to thank all of you for reading our blog and viewing our work. Kevin and I greatly appreciate all of you and your support!

Until next time, God Bless and Enjoy the Journey

The Happy MIleurs


Home is truly where the heart is. Kevin and I married May 20, 2018 and share our love of family and home. We travel to Southern Illinois to his parents home as often as possible. Our family greets us with hugs and I love you’s and we feel this love wash over us each time we step in the door. The house is full of family with his parents and siblings. A buzz of voices talking and laughter. Sounds of my childhood at my Grandma’s home when I was young. We spend the weekend sharing all that is going on in our lives and reminisce of days past. Sunday always comes too quickly and we have to say our tearful goodbyes for now.

Home with my Dad is usually a small group. Dad lives close and the door is always open. We visit and share meals and holidays. Other times we just pop in so we can see each other’s faces and get a big hug. He always has a hug and I love you when we come in. The calm of Dad’ s home envelopes us as we visit with each other. He and Kevin talk about life experiences and other things. Dad always watches us leave until we are out of his sight.

Home with my Auntie in Iowa is home away from home. We spend the weekend in their home in what I have dubbed my bedroom. Auntie and I crochet, talk patterns and share our thoughts. Kevin and Uncle join in and other times talk on their own. My cousins come and visit. Hugs and I loves you’s when we enter and when it is time for our tearful goodbyes for now.

Our home is always open to our family. Every Thursday we prepare dinner together and sit down to have a meal with our children and grandchildren. We look around the table and think of how quickly time has gone. The enjoyment we get visiting and playing is priceless.

Kevin and I share a powerful love of each other and our family. We love time spent with our loved ones. Our family fills us with love, pride, laughter, joy and food. You would not believe all the food.

We found in each other that we are home. He is home where I am and I am home where he is, we are home. Home is the place you are able to be you and you are loved for every bit of you. Our bond is that love of our world full of those we love and the beauty that surrounds us.

Happy Mileurs was born out of that love. The love of my husband and his gift to photograph the most beautiful moments. Some of these moments you may not notice. They may be in the blink of an eye or hidden. Kevin sees these moments and captures them to share with others. I wanted a place for his beautiful work to be shared with the world. We found along the way, many want to be a part of this and out of our love of art, the world where we met and fell in love, Happy Mileurs was born.

No matter how busy life is, remember home. The Happy place you go where love washes over you, people are glad to see you and it is hard to leave. Home may be with friends or your significant other or a place you like to go. Home is different for everyone. I hope you all have a ‘home’ a place you find love, peace, laughter and joy.

God bless.

The Happy Mileurs

First Friday and Solo and Ensemble – A Weekend of Enjoying the Arts

First Friday in Peoria is one of our favorites. We wander from studio to studio to see and speak with artists and view their works of art. This First Friday was the first time in a year and a half our youngest daughter and I were able to travel around to studios. The venue is marvelous and worth taking the time to check out all the locations. We began our journey at our “home” studio, where we had a shared studio, Studios on Sheridan.

We enjoyed the musical performance by Strat & Strad.

Beautiful showcase of works created by Bradley students and my favorite photographer capturing events if the evening.

Tom Pries and his beautiful sparkly earrings were in house. Tom is a very talented jeweler. His earrings are handcrafted and the crystals are fabulous!

Beau Hart of “Just Beau” studios gave us a warm welcome into the lovely world if her art. We were given a sneak peak at the piece on the table in front of her ready for framing. Her studio is warm and welcoming, the spectrum of colors she paints and draws with are calming and whimsical.

Jennifer Short of “JLS Designs” showed us around her studio full of beautiful jewelry. Jennifer has metal, stones, crystals, pendants, wire wrapped stones and more. Always a pleasure to visit with Jennifer.

Brandie Fislar of J Draper Glass LLC posed for us next to her remarkable glass creations. Brandie is a glass blower and incredible artist. J Draper Glass has a gift shop and offers classes taught by the team.

Jessica Ball and her daughter welcomes us in to view her current works of art at her studio Jessica Ball Art. Jessica paints imaginative and remarkable abstract paintings. Her studio brings a smile to my face each time I enter.

Our next stop was Glazed and Confused Pottery and Gifts. We toured the studio and we were gifted with watching the artists at work. Cyndi and Jeff have extraordinary works of art in their shop. I cannot wait to come in and work clay with these two masters.

Our last stop was The Mill, to see our old friend Gene Mialkowski. Gene and I shared a Studio at Studios on Sheridan and have collaborated on work. Here he is standing next to his current work in progress. Beautiful texture going in here. Gene-o bends his steel cold with a mechanism he created.

Tori, our daughter, and I had a fabulous journey. We visited with several artists and viewed their works of art. The two of us headed for dinner to share our favorite parts of the evening.

Saturday we headed to Bloomington-Normal for the Solo and Ensemble competition. Imagine a building the size of a small college filled with choir and band students, parents and teachers. The halls were bringing with people. Music and voice could be heard in every hall. The practice rooms filled with vocalists and instrumentalists.

Our daughter sang a solo and a duet. Two of her close friends performed in an instrumental duet. It was a remarkable day to share. Our last one as it is her senior year. Emotions were high for the group of friends. The performances stellar!

Thank you all for sharing your talents with us! We truly love the arts and it brings our hearts joy to see and hear the beauty of the world around us.

God bless.

The Happy Mileurs