Our Journey

I hope all of you are having a fantastic weekend! We decided our first surprise Guest Artist would also be a featured artist, my loving husband Kevin Mileur. The two of us are enjoying sharing our story with you and wanted to continue the journey of sharing. You can find Kevin’s story in our Feature Section under Guest Artist of the Month.

The infant stage of a company is a learning experience with a curve. This is the decision or observation Kevin and I have made in the past month. We have so many to thank for giving us the courage to be here and to continue creating and growing. It is wonderful to be here and share our love of art and why we create. In the future, we will share the stories of local artists and the art he/she creates. So much love and sharing to look forward to in the near future.

This week our Etsy store will be built and open for business. We are currently filling our shop with delights for the eye and we hope our work brings peace, love joy, smiles, positive vibes….

Our weekend has been filled with family time and creating time. Prom dress shopping for our youngest daughter, a senior already. Benjamin, our oldest grandson, came and spent the day painting and assisting with writing our next children’s book about clouds. He is the narrator of this story and says he likes helping us, so we can have a good book. From the mouths of babes. Ben keeps us on our toes and his stories are amazing. We like to include the grandchildren in the books about them to get their insight on what we are writing and how we are writing. Then, we found time for a little clay sculpting and created whimsical buttons.

Kevin and I have seven children and three grandchildren combined. Our love of God and family are our top priorities. We enjoy sharing our love of God, each other and of the beauty around us with our children and grandchildren. In doing this, we began a series of children’s books based on things we have shared with our family. We truly have so much to be thankful for in this life.

Thank you for joining us on our journey and watching us grow. I have to go for now and practice with our youngest for Solo and Ensemble competition which is next weekend. She will be performing, singing a solo and a duet on Saturday. See you all next weekend!

God Bless

The Happy Mileurs

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