The Birth of Happy Mileurs

The birth of Happy Mileurs is out of love for my husband, art and the world around us. Kevin and I enjoy our photography excursions. We drive along the Illinois River Road and stop along the way to capture moments in the world around us. There are moments we do not photograph due to being involved with the beauty of the moment, we etch those moments to memory. Our love of one another and of art is our driving force, the heart of Happy Mileurs.

A few months ago we began photographing our work together and found an outpouring of love. This sparked our curiosity and reignited our shared dream. An online mini emporium featuring Kevin’s work and my own side-by-side. We left our shared studio to embark on our new adventure. I wanted to have a space for Kevin to show his work and share with the world that surrounds us.

In December we announced the closing of our shared studio and held our final First Friday. The evening, I have to admit, was bittersweet. Now, we would begin our new journey and see where the road takes us. Kevin spoke with several artists about our endeavor. We found many wanted to come on this journey with us and are excited about the possibilities.

We are excited to announce tomorrow is our grand opening of Happy Mileurs online mini emporium. The first two months will be Kevin’s photography, my artwork and our collaborated work. Our Etsy shop will open tomorrow showcasing our work as well. The buzz around our home can be heard for miles.

Our third month we will welcome new artists to Happy Mileurs. We will provide marketing, promotion, online presence and sales for each artist. Each month we will welcome a guest artist, share the artist’s story and showcase artwork in our online gallery. We feel it is important to learn about each artist, why he or she creates and what is the inspiration behind the work. The heart behind the work.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow during our online grand opening. Come in and take a look around. Relax with a cup of coffee or tea. Send us a message, comment or email and let us know how we are doing. Kevin and I hope you enjoy what you see and hope to hear from you! Enjoy, be safe and God bless!

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