Our Story – Our Wedding Part 2

The day has arrived! We all wake early on May 20th, the house is abuzz with excitement. All of us together talking about our list of things to do before the wedding. Kevin’s mom and I start writing, she requested I write our story, our family coming together and who each piece of my dress represents. Louise, Kevin’s Mom, and I make the final adjustments on the dress and the letter.

It was time to head to the lodge when my dad called to let us know he was ready, so we headed out to meet him. I cried when I saw him. Here was my Dad all dressed up and ready to walk me down the aisle. We arrived and the Lodge was perfect! A deck in back overlooks the lake; the inside is intimate and well lit. Imagine all the sisters, his parents, my dad and us decorating the lodge. It was beautiful when we finished! We were then told to go back to the house while the girls completed the finishing touches. A surprise wedding! Truly wonderful!

Soon it was time to get ready. My sister-in-law Annie who would be standing with me at the wedding helped me into my dress and put on my make-up. She spoiled me and welcomed me lovingly into the family. She helped calm my nerves and make me feel loved. All the sisters worked to make this day perfect. Kevin had gone with the guys to get ready and we would meet at the lodge. My dad drove me to the location and we parked and talked for a bit. A few minutes later we walked inside and Kevin and I caught a glimpse of each other before his sister shut the door.

I heard Louise read our story and the applause. Melba, Kevin’s sister, opened the door and told me it was time. My dad took my hand and told me all would be fine and he wished my mom could be there with us to see me happy. As we walked down the aisle side-by-side, my dad said, “Slow down, there is no rush, enjoy this moment, you two have the rest of your life to stand together. Look at your future husband, he is smiling and he is full of love for you. Heather this one is forever.”

Raymond began the ceremony and my dad gave me away with a smile. Our beginning prayer was one Raymond had written for us, for strength and unity. Here we stood Kevin and I in the middle facing our family, Kevin’s oldest son and Dad next to him, my youngest daughter and my sister-in-law next to me. We exchanged vows that were beautiful and heartfelt. We were pronounced husband and wife, we kissed and our today to forever began as husband and wife.

It was so amazing! We are blessed our family was there with us. The food was bountiful and home style. Devin, Kevin’s son, gave a toast that filled my heart with joy. We celebrated our union with our loved ones. Afterward, we headed to a local bar and shared a drink and a toast on our own. We held hands and spoke with love to one another. The next day we would leave for our honeymoon and visit the Great Smoky Mountains. We spent 10 fantastic days away and it was like a dream. Sharing this alone time was remarkable.

June 2nd we celebrated our union with friends and family here at the Studios on Sheridan where we began. Steve and Michelle surprised us with a band for our event, The Rosser Brothers. So many family, friends and local artists came to share in our joy. We were overwhelmed by so many coming and wishing us well. Blessings. It was a remarkable evening shared with many.

Our wedding was a surprise planned by Kevin’s family with love of us in mind. We feel truly blessed to have so much love in our lives. Sharing our day with our loved ones and enjoying our time. Kevin and I look forward to a lifetime of joy shared side-by-side. We look forward to continuing to make good memories and enjoy the beauty of the world around us.

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