Our Story – Our Wedding! Part 1

Welcome back! We are so glad to see you and share our story with all of you. Kevin and I chose our wedding date on our drive home. We were so excited and did not want a long engagement. May 20th is the date that stood out to both of us, so it was decided. The next three months were a whirlwind of activity and excitement.

Our planning began the day of our engagement. We sat at the table with his mom and sisters, chose our wedding colors and flowers. I remember crying tears of joy from all of the excitement, but also tears of sadness that my mom could not be there with us. Blue and purple would be our colors, roses and dahlias our flowers. Kevin would wear the suit his brother and sister-in-law gifted to him. I would wear a blue satin dress and both of us would wear our cowboy boots. We wanted our wedding to be ours. Everyone had a task and a deadline, the organizing with Louise at the wheel was seamless.

Kevin and I talked about our upcoming union and how our dreams had come true, our prayers had been answered. We finally found our one. Such a blessing! In this I talked to him about how in our families the women are strong and loyal. I wanted something to tie us all together, to represent each of us united. My dress would be this piece I spoke of with him. A message was sent to the women in both families, in Kevin and I uniting as one our families will be one and I want something to represent this union. Each woman was asked to send a doily, beads or something that could be sewn onto my dress. The girls loved the idea and send items to be sewn on to represent each woman.

The big day arrived so quickly, but at times felt so far way. We received a call from Kevin’s sister Joyce the day we were leaving to head home for our big day. The levy had broken, there was a flood and over 20 communities were without water. She had told us any family travelling may need to make new arrangements for a place to stay. We called our family and let them know of the possible need for new accommodations. Our outside wedding would need to be moved inside due to the heavy rainfall.

We arrived that evening, visited with family. and talked about how glad we were that the day was finally here. The next morning we would head to Murphysboro to get our marriage license. When we arrived at the courthouse we were informed it was the only courthouse open due to the levy break. Blessings our way, we were able to get our marriage license! The clerk told us we must be meant to be considering the odds of that courthouse being the only one open in Southern Illinois. We agreed, took each other by the hand and nearly skipped out the door.

News arrived that the levy had been repaired and water had been restored. Our family members travelling were able to keep their accommodations. The sun was shining! Our family arrived on Saturday, the wedding set for Sunday. Annie, Kevin’s sister-in-law, made a wonderful meal for us and gave us our blessing. She is quite something wonderful, she gave us our own personal blessing and prayer for a happy loving marriage and shared life. We are blessed in so many ways and have so much love!

We are thankful our family helped to plan and organize our wedding. Phone calls and visits were a major necessity so we all stayed on the same page. Louise making sure our day would represent us. Our family safely in town and ready to share our big day with us! Dreams really do come true. Prayers really do get answered.

Please come visit next week to read about our wedding and reception. So much to share it will be two parts. We are so glad you are here and hope you continue to come back. We have so much to share!

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