Our Story – He Proposed!

First, we want to thank everyone that has been following our posts and welcome first time readers. Kevin and I share a love of the beauty around us and photography. To this day Kevin and I still continue to share our love of photography by going on drives and stopping to capture the beauty around us. We enjoy seeing the world through each other’s eyes. Together we are sharing our love of family, nature and growing stronger as a couple. We spend all our free time together. Holidays were spent together with family. Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with his family.

Christmas with Kevin’s family was like going back in time to big family Christmas’ of years past with my Mom’s family. It was such a wonderful time! Christmas is when Kevin said to his dad, “When Heather and I get married we will have a good life.” His dad, Murl, looked over at me and smiled. I said, “He hasn’t asked yet.” Murl responded, “Oh, he will and I hope you say yes.” My heart sang, he was going to ask. On the next First Friday, Kevin stopped in and asked me to hold out my hand. He slid a ring on my ring finger and said, “That should work.'” then walked around the corner. The visitors in our shared studio smiled and asked if there was anything I wanted to share. I truly had no idea what he was up to.

February approached and Kevin asked if I would like to come home with him to visit with his family. I told him I would love to. We headed out on the 17th and spent the weekend with his parents and siblings. All of us laughing, talking, sharing meals. Once everyone had arrived the 18th, Kevin and his Mom went in the other room to talk quietly. Soon after, his mom, Louise, came in the living room and asked us all to sit down and be quiet because Kevin had something to say. Kevin was now down on one knee holding his hand out to me. I stood and went to him crying from joy, at that point he was crying, and his family began crying too.

Kevin’s family said, “Wait! Is this really happening right now? Don’t start yet, or start over we need our cameras.” Now, any other time we all would have had our phones nearby but not on this day. We laugh when thinking about that moment. Kevin began again, “Heather Ranae will you be my wife and share my life with me?” I said, “Yes!” before he could finish his proposal. He opened the ring box to the most beautiful amethyst ring set in silver, amethyst is the love stone and my favorite. He had commissioned my engagement ring with Bronwyn, a local artist, to have something as unique as I am. When he told me this, I cried deeply. This man sees me and has given me the gift of seeing him. We are blessed.

In no time at all, his Mom was at the table with pen and paper and we were planning our wedding. All of his sisters were there helping make plans and deciding which part each would handle. His family would do the organizing at home and we would do what we could from our home. An outside wedding in the backyard at his parents’ home. Our wedding date was set for May 20th and his brother would perform the ceremony. We talked all the way home about our love for each other and the excitement of our upcoming union.

A handful of months ago we met and fell in love. He proposed and I said yes without hesitation. We feel very blessed that family could be with us on this day and share in our moment. In three short months we will be married. Life is beautiful!

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